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At A Winning Look Creative we specialize in Advertising and Design. We create Logos, Print Design, and Websites.

We custom design all of our sites from the ground up. Whether you need a new website or need to spruce up you existing site we can help you. Utilizing the latest Design and SEO Technologies we design and promote your website insuring optimum visibility.

The internet is a constantly changing environment and we do our best to stay up-to-date on the best web practices. We can help you understand how to best utilize social media like Facebook and Twitter to make your site visible across a broad spectrum.

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Advertising: The Art Of Self-Promotion

Posted: November 1, 2013 - 12:00am by: Bill Hobbs

Self-promotion is similar to spreading the word by any other means but with an artistic approach. If the artistic part were taken out of the equation advertising would look more like barging rather than self-promotion. There are many steps involved in this process. The first step is to collect and create useful content relating to the topic, which is a not an easy job.


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